Paige & Stephane

Paige Reno


Paige has explored a variety of dances – from ballroom to burlesque – but it was Latin street styles that stole her heart. While she enjoys performing and competing in salsa and bachata, the social floor is where she feels most at home. Paige is passionate about community-building and is always looking for ways to make her classes, and the dance scene, more welcoming and inclusive. She also loves promoting all the benefits she has experienced since becoming a dancer – more confidence, new friends, better posture, and a ton of sparkly shoes.

Stephane Bernadel


Stéphane started dancing in 2015 and felt an immediate connection and sense of belonging in the Latin dance community. He started out in salsa but quickly fell in love with bachata, and went on to perform and compete with both team choreographies and improvised partner dancing. Stéphane is especially passionate about social dancing, and is known for his playful style and sense of humour. He truly believes that anyone can learn to dance, and he works to make sure everyone feels comfortable and has fun in his classes.