Find Your Joy Through Dance

No dance experience needed.

We defy you to dance Merengue and not smile! This isn't just the easiest of the Latin dances to pick up as a beginner, it's also the one that leaves the most room for your creativity! Whether you're looking to tear up the dance floor or to add a bit more flavour to your day-to-day, start with Merengue!

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Find your tribe through dance.

Each lesson in this course is accompanied by a Discussion section where you can ask questions, get tips, and chat with us and with your fellow students. Latin dance is social by nature, so let's get to know each other!

All are welcome!

Dance on your own or with a partner.

The first half of this course focuses on learning the rhythm, footwork and body movement of Merengue on your own. The second half is all about connecting with a partner and doing fun turn patterns.


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    • Message from your instructors

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    CHAPTER 1 - Solo

    • Rhythm & Basic Steps

    • Hip Movement

    • Swivel, Downbeat Drop, Box Step

    • Footwork Pattern

  • 3

    CHAPTER 2 - Partnering

    • Closed Hold & Partnering Basics

    • Open Hold & Turns

    • Two-Hand Turns, Cuddle, Hammerlock

    • Partnering Pattern

  • 4


    • You Did It!

    • How did we do?


Ana Gherasim


Ana is the owner and founder of Azucar, as well as our definitive proof that anyone can learn to dance. Discouraged from pursuing dance from a young age, she grew up convinced that she had two left feet. She (slowly) took up salsa in 2008, fell in love with social dancing, and never looked back. She loves deepening her salsa and bachata skills in equal measure, as well as exploring new dance styles. A lifelong learner and educator, Ana is passionate about the pedagogy of dance and is always looking for ways to tweak and improve her own teaching as well as Azucar’s teaching style and philosophy.

Talek Cameron


Talek began dancing in his early 20’s; he took lessons from anywhere he could and the more he learned, the more he discovered his new passion in life. Having no prior dance experience proved challenging. It wasn’t until he moved to Ottawa that he overcame that challenge by exposing himself to a new level of dancing. Today, Talek can be found performing on stage, social dancing (his favorite thing to do) and continuing to try and best himself. Talek is thrilled to now be able to share his passion in the classroom and help give back to the Latin dance scene.

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