Find Your Personal Expression

No dance experience needed.

We start from the ground up and teach you the rhythm, steps, body movement and arm styling that make up the basics of salsa, as well as lots of fun solo patterns to get you started. We teach enough technique to keep injuries at bay and to give your movement the look and feel of salsa. Beyond that, we encourage you to dive into your creativity, play with the elements in this course, and develop your own style.

All genders welcome!

Your genitals don't determine your dance style.

Salsa doesn't discriminate - whether you're a guy, a gal or a non-binary pal, you can shimmy your shoulders and shake your booty (or choose not to) all the same! There are options for those of you who would like your movement to look traditionally masculine or feminine, but ultimately dance is about creating your own expression, so feel free to pick and choose.

Let's Chat!

Get feedback, find community.

Each lesson in this course is accompanied by a Discussion section where you can ask questions, get tips and feedback from Ana, and chat with your fellow students. We also have a thriving community of dancers on social media which you can join to help you stay motivated and make new dance friends!

Course Curriculum

Dive into the world of Salsa rhythm, footwork, movement and styling! Here's what you could learn.


Ana Gherasim


Ana is the owner and founder of Azucar, as well as our definitive proof that anyone can learn to dance. Discouraged from pursuing dance from a young age, she grew up convinced that she had two left feet. She (slowly) took up salsa in 2008, fell in love with social dancing, and never looked back. She loves deepening her salsa and bachata skills in equal measure, as well as exploring new dance styles. A lifelong learner and educator, Ana is passionate about the pedagogy of dance and is always looking for ways to tweak and improve her own teaching as well as Azucar’s teaching style and philosophy.

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